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4 week cardiologist appointment

Thursday will be four weeks since surgery. Its just so hard to believe. Time is starting to go by much faster now that she is well.

As I told you yesterday, we had some concerns about her eating. She hasn’t gained any weight (actually lost an ounce) since her last appointment so that was a bit discouraging. BUT she had grown a whole inch in two weeks!

We also noticed that the chest tube site had some infection going on and so we are treating that. Let me tell you- it was just “by chance” that we saw this too and if it had gotten ANY worse we would have to be admitted into the hospital. Little miss Ryder definitely has someone watching out for her! I’m so thankful we caught it early enough.

So we are taking her off the fortified/high calorie formula mix to see if that helps settle her tummy. If she doesn’t gain weight we will start fortifying it with oatmeal. Hopefully she will get all straightened out soon.

The EKG and Echo-cardiogram looked great though, so that was wonderful news.

Here is Ryder getting her EKG- just a typical doctor’s visit for her.

We talked about doing rice cereal and they said it just didn’t really matter. They are fine with us trying it but if it doesn’t work out thats okay too.

Last night we did give her a little rice for the first time. It was so funny because she could have cared less what was going on but she sure was happy!

So the plan from here is to get weighed every two days until the weight gain becomes consistent again. We are treating the wound and hoping that clears up quickly.

All this just goes to show that recovery is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. Praying the next appointment is another high one!

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5 thoughts on “4 week cardiologist appointment

  1. So glad to see her eating cereal! She is such a trooper laying there with wires all over her looking bored. And that smile could melt a glacier not to mention my heart!

  2. Hi, Glad to hear the good news on her ekg and echo. Both of my kids have those once every year right now because they have a bicusbid valve. So far everything has looked ok praise the Lord.


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