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31 Days of Writing : Move


I don’t know why I do this to myself because commitment isn’t my thing. Remember how I tried before to do The Nester’s 31 days? Well it worked out for a while and then it just kinda fizzled out. (Search for 31 days in the search bar and you can see my 31 days of letting go series …. which incidentally I let go of around day 20something.)

But I’m itching for a challenge and to write more so I’m hoping this fits the bill and gives me something to look forward to each day.

The best part is- I found a blog that was giving writing prompts and the goal is to just spend 5 minutes on each post. Now this I can handle…. right?!

Go visit Kate and see other Five Minute-ers.



I feel like I have said that word more in my life than anything else sometimes.

Most people don’t quite understand why we move so much. We get a lot of “are you in the military?” questions. No, we are not. We just have been called to many different places in a short amount of time.

In fact, we have been so accustomed to moving that when Andy and I moved here and could actually for the first time in our marriage see ourselves living here forever, I completely panicked.

Staying in the same place from now on????? Seriously?! Crazy talk.

I’ve had a lot of people say that I am brave, adventurous, smart, etc for moving so willingly. But sometimes I don’t feel brave at all.

Sometimes I feel like we are constantly running. I have fleeting thoughts of myself as a coward somehow.

And then sometimes I feel proud that we have seen so much and gotten to know so many people. I have friends from coast to coast.

The most important thing about each move is that they have all made my marriage stronger. We lean on each other more. We appreciate each other more because of the sacrifices we make to better our lives and our family. We are beyond thankful for each promotion, each step up in the right direction toward our goals.

We love each other harder because once you are in a new place, all you have is your family. Andy and I always know with each move that leaving friends is so hard. But the beauty of it is that it makes our friendship even closer and that is the friendship that will always last. 

I’m thankful for every move, even if sometimes I didn’t understand why God would move us then or in those circumstances or in that place. I’m still so thankful for the growth I’ve experienced because of them.


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