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31 Days of Letting Go : Day 2

This past weekend Andy and I decided to head down to Corinth, MS to go to their Goodwill.

Oh yes, Goodwill. Supposedly it’s the best one around.

Well, we get there and and it just so happens to be next to a pet store. And said pet store has no less than 100 puppies outside staring at us with those dang sad eyes.

Hint: we didn’t make it to the Goodwill.

Instead, we got distracted by this face:

Her name is Roxy …. but Rory calls her Emma and Gerdie too. So I’m not really sure what to do about that because the poor dog will never learn her name (whatever it is) at this rate. She’s really calm and loves the girls and they love her so it’s been good so far.

Yesterday we went to Jackson for Ryder’s 15 month check up. Miss Priss has been quite the ham lately.

And I’m happy to report things are great with this sweet pumpkin. We are still working on the eating thing and trying to figure out what to do now with the milk situation since she is allergic. In fact, I’m not sure if I ever told y’all but tootie decided she no longer wanted her bottle last week. The only problem is she won’t take her formula in the sippy cup so she isn’t getting the calories or vitamins of her formula.

In other children news, Rory’s “insomnia” or whatever it is has come back with a vengeance. Twice this weekend she was up the entire night. It is heartbreaking and we aren’t sure why or what is going on. She doesn’t want to be up. She isn’t up playing or anything like that. She just talks to herself, sings to herself, talks to me, etc etc etc. She just cannot get her mind to settle down. And it is really hard to be a patient parent when I literally only get an hour or two of sleep a night. It is true what they say- there is nothing like a mother’s love. If I didn’t love her with everything in me, I’d never be able to stay up literally all night and then be with her all day afterward. Plus, she’s cute so it’s hard not to love that face!

All of this is yet another reminder of my need to let go. Just like any other mother, the worry of your kids’ health is something that can completely consume you. It is hard to be able to let go of your kids and give them to the Lord. It is probably the hardest thing to do, actually.

When Ryder was so sick the only thing that got me through was giving her to God. I just had to release her back to Him and let Him do His work with her. And obviously, the outcome of that has been miraculously wonderful.

Between mom blogs, Pinterest, and any other social media, moms are constantly being made to put themselves and their kids up next to other moms and kids. We are all competing, whether we mean to or not, to win the “mom of the year award”. We read blogs where super moms are making the cutest crafts, sewing the best clothes, cloth diapering better, breast feeding better, feeding their kids better, decorating their home better, etc and we sit there and think why can’t I be like that mom.

The truth is, some moms aren’t crafty and some moms aren’t crunchy and that is okay. As long as we are trying our best each and every day to teach our children how to live in society and how to love Jesus, does anything else matter?

This is an area I struggle the most- I want to be crafty and crunchy and everything in between but I’m just simply NOT going to ever be as crafty and crunchy as some of those super moms out there. But I love my kids fiercely and I’m trying my hardest to raise them as loving, kind people who love the Lord.

But if I refuse to let them go and refuse let the pressure of being super mom go, I won’t ever reach my highest potential in this because I will always be worried about being better in the eyes of the world.

So my challenge to myself is to just let all that fade away, focus on Jesus and what He wants for my life and for my children’s lives. Whether that be sickness, which we know first hand brings an abundance of blessings, or whatever God has planned- I just need to let go and let God write my mom story and even more importantly, write my children’s stories.

Do you struggle with “letting go” when it comes to your children? What do you do to help with that struggle and fear? Have you ever let your children go and given them to God and received a huge blessing in return? I’d love to hear your stories!

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