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23 Months?

Wait. No.

No no no no no no no no no no no no.

Rory CAN’T be 23 months because then that would mean she’d be two in a month and she can’t POSSIBLY be TWO!


In honor of the almost-two-year-old I will do a Stinker Update for all of you.

1) Rory aka Stinker has been mighty bossy lately. If Ryder (“sisser” or “Ryyyyyydur”) touches something Rory doesn’t want her to touch she says, “no ma’am Ryyydur, I spankin’ you!”. All complete with a little finger waving in her face.

Side note: She gets the bossiness from the Davis side. Just FYI.

2) Stinker was a BIG stinker yesterday.

We have no idea how this happened. We just went into her playroom and found it and she said “ohhhh no”. Lovely. Who the heck knows. Oh well, its fixable and just a “thing”. But that explains why I’m not answering anything on there. It actually looks worse now, all the cracks ran over night so I can’t see anything at all. Stinker.

3) She has been escaping to the backyard quite a bit. Thank goodness its relatively safe out there. We are talking about Rory here though, so no where is 100% safe with her. Here she is enjoying her new found freedom, all decked out ready to go four-wheeling!

Is she not the cutest 23 month old you’ve ever seen?!

IĀ  had some big plans for her birthday this year and I’m so sad because Andy has a business trip so we can’t do what we had planned. But I’m also so excited because since he’ll be gone for 2 weeks, I’m going to TN to stay with my parents! Yay! And then my parents have offered to keep the girls while I fly up and spend some time with Andy at the end of his trip! Which means I GET TO SLEEP, PEOPLE! I’m so so so so excited! So if you want to see us while we are in TN, let me know and we will plan a playdate!


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