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20 Months Old!

Oh, Rory how are you 20 months old?! Only 4 short months until your second birthday! I just can’t handle it! Guess I need to start planning!

This is what Rory looked like this time last year- ahhhhhhh! where did the time go?!!!!!!!!!

You are just as fun-loving, charming, sweet, and of course mischievous as ever! My life would certainly be so dull without you in it!

Your new thing as of this week is opening up doors. You have learned to twist the knobs and can now open all the doors in the house. Thank goodness for deadbolts!

You are still such a good eater. You love to get to hold your own peach or apple and eat it whole. You LOVE cheese, fruit snacks, and any kind of fruit for a snack. Mac and cheese is still probably your favorite dinner and you still have some weird aversion to chicken.

You love to tell jokes. We never know what you are saying but you will very seriously tell us this long story and at the end crack up laughing. And if we don’t laugh with you we get in big trouble!

You are COMPLETELY OBSESSED with brushing your teeth. You will brush them for 20 minutes if I let you! You get so mad if I make you put the toothbrush up. Its quite the ordeal. We have to sing the “bye bye toothbrush” song every time. And there is almost always lots of tears.

Since we have been home from the hospital you have become so much more interested in Ryder. You are such a great big sister and love to help! Lately when sister cries you run over to see whats wrong before I even can! I have been catching you put her paci in her mouth and cooing at her to make her stop crying. Its the sweetest thing!

And let me tell you, Rory- Ryder ADORES you. No one can make her smile or laugh like you can. You are so sweet with her and I’m so proud of how you good you are with her.

You have taken quite an interest in art these days. You love to color…. even yourself!

You are talking more and more each day. We have so much fun getting you to say things for us. You have the sweetest little voice and when you talk you can get yourself out of trouble so fast. Usually we don’t even know its happened until after!

Rory, you are the most fun little girl in the entire world. Daddy and I love spending time with you and watching you learn and grow. I’m so glad we get more time with you now that sister isn’t taking so much of our time to eat. It has been a great month with you. I love you baby girl!

Here are two videos of Rory talking. They were taken on my phone and aren’t great but better than nothing! Enjoy! (PS Josh is my brother in law and she loves him more than anyone so it was hilarious that she wouldn’t say his name there for a minute!)

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