Rory Eve

2 Month Checkup!

Rory had her two month checkup today! She weighs 10 lbs 11 oz which is in the 50th percentile and she was 22 1/2 inches long which was in the 75th percentile. 75th percentile for heighth?! Have you seen me?! How is my child tall?! 🙂

She passed all her “well baby” tests that they do and the doctor said she was perfect, healthy, and right on track for growth! She had to lay on the table to be poked and prodded but smiled and cooed at the doctor the whole time. Such a happy baby!

When I took her clothes off down to her diaper to be weighed and get checked out, this is what she did the whole time being naked:

Yep, she’s definitely my child! Modest as can be already 🙂 It was so cute- she really looked like she was concerned to be naked in front of people! ha!

Then we got to the dreadful shots. Rory had to have three shots and an oral vaccine. She had just fallen to sleep and I felt so bad to wake her up with terrible shots…. so naturally I was on the verge of tears. Well, the little stinker got stuck the first time and just gave the nurse a terrible look and grunted through the next two shots, then closed her eyes and went right back to sleep. So the shots were harder on me than her for sure. I can’t believe she didn’t even cry at all. What a tough cookie!

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