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19 Months Old!

At 19 months, Rory is just as fun-loving, smart and (of course) mischievous as ever!

She is no longer a baby by any means, but instead a full out toddler.

Rory can make anyone smile. She is just so funny. She still tells her “jokes” and loves to show out and to make others laugh. I see a class clown in our future (no idea where she’d get that from…).

She is talking more and more every day. I couldn’t believe how much more she seemed to be talking just since Friday.

Rory still loves her fruits and veggies the most. She also LOVES pickles. She’s not a junk food eater at all but she does love oreo cookies. And she has a major aversion to chicken. The kid just doesn’t want anything to do with it.

I was so glad because today she got to come to the hospital to visit. My heart literally hurts being away from her. Saying goodbye today with no real knowledge of when we’d be going home was horrible. We got to have some fun one-on-one playtime and I enjoyed it so much. I can’t wait to get home to be with her and snuggle her.

Rory, my prayer this month is that you always know that Mommy couldn’t love anyone more than you. I pray that you never have to have another month birthday without me there with you. I pray that you don’t even for a second doubt that Mommy loves you just as much as she loves Ryder. I’m so sorry that Ryder has to have so much care and that I can’t be with you. There is no where I’d rather be than chasing you around the house and playing with you. You are the sweetest stinker and I can’t wait to get home to you.

I love you Rory girl!

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