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18 Months Old!

Rory is 18 Months Old today!

We are shocked at how fast time goes!

I just want to bottle her up and keep her this way forever! I’ve been so sad about her growing up this week. I can’t believe how much she’s changed in the past month.

Rory is now getting to where I can try to rationalize with her and she is starting to get it. For example: All week long Rory has woken up at her usual 5:00-5:30 nonsense. Well all week I have said “oh baby, its too early to wake up! We can get up when the sun comes up, ok?” and she will go back to sleep. And I’ll be darn if the second a tiny ray of sunshine comes out, she pops that head up so fast and is ready to play!

She has gotten so good at using utensils. And she will not eat a meal without having a fork. We have been impressed with her motor skills so far. She also loves to color and can hold the color very well. We are still working on the whole ‘don’t eat the color thing’ though… ha!

Rory has also become INCREDIBLY cheesy. We just say to her, “Rory, show me that smile…” and she cheeses it up. And she always says, “see!” when she smiles. Its too cute!

She finally is fitting so good in her 18 months clothes! I actually have been buying 24 month/2T for fall clothes. Luckily those sizes usually have the adjustable waist so she is able to wear some of the pants now. She is moving up into a size five diaper as soon as the fours run out.

And she has started to show interest in the potty…

She has gone in there three times now and she giggles until she almost falls in everytime. We are going to get her a little potty or potty seat to start introducing it but I am not ready for all that mess yet!

Rory definitely has her challenging moments. She will get so frustrated and she wants to be able to tell us what she wants but just can’t yet. And she LOVES to tell anyone else ‘no’ but HATES to be told ‘no’, of course. I call her my little teenager because she definitely shows signs of teenage attitude already. (Must have gotten that from Andy…. HA!)

She is so good with Ryder 99% of the time. We have moments of rage, especially when she’s tired, where she will try and push Ryder out of our lap. But thats getting better. She wants to kiss her 24/7 and its so sweet. Poor Ryder never sees it coming either.

Most everyone knows that Andy calls Rory and Ryder “girl” a lot. Like, he says “Rory girl” or just “girl” when talking to her. Its so cute how he says it.

Well Rory has picked up on it and has started calling Ryder “girl”. She will run in and say “hiiiiiiiiii giiiiiirrrrrl”. Oh its just too cute.

I really just can’t even express how sweet she is. Andy and I still go to bed talking about how funny and sweet she is every night. And now we talk about cute little Ryder too. It doesn’t matter how hard our day might have been with the girls, we always go to bed smiling about how blessed we are to have two wonderful babies.

Rory girl- you will never know how much happiness you have brought into our lives. Everyone that meets you talks about how sweet you are. My prayer for you is that God will use your natural leadership skills and charming personality for His glory. I know that He has such great things planned for your life and I can’t wait to see what that is.

We love you so much sweet girl. The past 18 months have been the best months of my life! I promise I have never laughed and smiled so much. You are such a joy!

And you are still such a Stinker.

I thought I’d include video of Rory talking for y’all to enjoy! Its not the best quality, but its better than nothing! Hope you enjoy it!







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