17 Months Old!

Today Rory is 17 months old!

(and its also my due date! Thank goodness I went early, its so hot out today!)

Rory is at school so I didn’t get any new pictures for this post. I will post some tomorrow and post some old favorites here today!

Little Stinker loves her monkey backpack that Mimi and Papa got her. I always made fun of parents who had these and said it was child abuse. Oh how little did I know!

She thinks its hilarious when you hold the leash part. She can barely walk from laughing.

Rory is doing so well with Ryder. That is, of course, the biggest change this month. Her new role as “big sister”.

(ok seriously… I crack up everytime I see that picture!)

Rory LOVES to swim. Its her favorite thing to do.

Its only fitting that today on her 17 month bday that they had a splash day at school! Hopefully my friend got some pics for me!

She’s really starting to thicken out, as Andy and I say. She’s gotten to be so solid. I know that’s probably exaggerated to us since we now have a teeny one to hold. But honestly, she seems to be getting so muscular from all her running and climbing and playing.

(emphasis on the climbing)

Rory is such a sweetheart and I can’t say enough how good she’s doing with Ryder. She kisses her nonstop and wants to love on her all the time.

We are having the best time with her right now. She is at such a fun age!

Rory’s really starting to talk now too. She can say things so clear when she wants to, and otherwise she will look at you and point her little finger in the air and tell an entire story and walk away. Who knows what she is saying but its serious business for sure!

Happy 17 Months, Rory! You are such a blessing and joy to my life! Your sweet smile and kisses make all the sleepless nights and climbing escapades seem like no big deal. I wouldn’t know what to do without your little charm and wonderful laughter. I can’t wait to see what you will do this next month!



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