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15 Months Old!

Oh dear.

Rory’s 15 months old!

And all I can think about is that in TWO months I will have another little girl.

Oh dear. I am not ready.

Its so strange because a HUGE part of me wants to hit the pause button because Rory is getting big way too fast. I mean, its seriously killing me how grown up she is.

And yet, this pregnancy is about to kill me and I’m ready to be done with it. For real.

This month seems to have dragged on forever and yet I find myself not believing I have a 15 month old.

I obviously don’t make sense anymore. I told you this pregnancy is getting to me.

OKAY, ENOUGH! This post is about Rory!


How can it be?!

Let me tell you about little Rory these days.


She is so busy and so fun. I can’t begin to tell you how exhausted I am by 8 am every morning, ha! She wakes up busy and goes to bed busy.

I also can’t begin to tell you how much I laugh during the day with her. She says things that come out of nowhere, she gives these looks that are just hilarious, and she will tell you a whole story with this serious look on her face and then at the end start cracking up. She just has personality for days.

Her favorite thing to play with/in is the dog crates. She would spend all day moving them around, getting in and out of them, and trying to shut the dogs in them.

And I’m a little afraid that sometimes she thinks that she is a dog.

Twice we have caught her sticking her face in the dog water bowl trying to drink it.

Disturbing, I know.

She, of course, is still a stinker.

She has absolutely no fear whatsoever.

Taking her outside has become a challenge because she can now climb up the tiny ladder into the playhouse and then proceeds to throw herself down the taller-than-me (about 6 ft) slide face first.

And laughs the whole time.

Yesterday she decided she didn’t want to take a nap, but wasn’t crying so I let her play in her crib hoping she’d put herself to sleep. Well about 15 minutes into this supposed to be naptime playtime, I started hearing some serious banging around.

So I go to see whats going on and the heifer was straddling the top rail of her crib.

Well she got scared since I walked in and caught her and tried to plop herself back into the crib which resulted in our first ever busted lip.

(Um, how is THIS child 15 months with her first busted lip?!)

It was a good one though, she made it count. It bled for a little over an hour and you can see where the teeth almost went all the way through the lip.

(First picture above shows it the best. I, for once, did not take pictures of this event. I was protecting my camera from lots of blood.)

Rory cried for about one second and was over it, but there was blood everywhere so I had to hold her down to try and get it to stop bleeding and she was NOT happy with that arrangement.

Andy and I still giggle and talk about her every night after putting her in bed.

We talk about how fun she is, how challenging she can be, and how cute she is.

Rory lights up our days, even on the most challenging of days.

She is such a joy to be around and I can already tell how she affects other people around her positively too. I love when she waves at the little old men and women at church and at the store. She always talks to them and I can tell it just makes their entire day. The pride that fills me is overwhelming.

She may be a stinker, but she is the sweetest stinker I’ve ever known.

Here are some stats on Rory this month:

– She is sleeping SO MUCH BETTER since tubes. This is the biggest praise to us! We all feel like new people- including her!

– She weighs almost 22 lbs.

– Wears a size 4 diaper, size 4 shoe, and the clothes that fit her the best are 12 month clothes.

– She is getting to where she isn’t as good of an eater. She still loves fruits, veggies, and good foods, but she is just too busy to sit down and want to eat. She eats a really good breakfast and a good dinner but she could take or leave lunch.

– Also since getting her tubes, she has become quite the talker. She can repeat almost anything we ask her to, but is still selective of when she talks. (hello, her father’s child.) She LOVES to say the animal noises to cow, dog, and duck.

Happy 15 months Rory!





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  1. 15 months, so hard t believe. She certainly lights up my life!!! Happy 15 months. And she is the sweetest stinker times 6 I know!!!

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