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14 months!

Today Rory is 14 months old. I just can’t even believe it!

I’m not going to do the posts like I did before she was one because its too stressful and that is the last thing I need right now- more stress! But I do want to just tell you guys what she’s up to for myself to have something to look back on.

(And yes, I realize I skipped month 13. There are many reasons why, but the most important reason was that it was right at the same time as my friend, Rachel, was dealing with the 6 month anniversary of the birth and death of her son Weston. I just couldn’t bare to post it at that time.)

Rory is just so much fun these days! And so exhausting! ha! There is no denying that she is no longer a “baby” but a “toddler” instead.

She very rarely walks anymore, she RUNS! She gets around so good and is so fast! Its so funny because she gets really quiet when she’s doing something she isn’t supposed to do and she also moves much faster than her normal speed. Stinker!

She is the perfect combination of Andy and I. She can be so serious and is such a little thinker. But she is also a people person and is so friendly to everyone. She says, “eyyyy” (hey) to everyone she sees when she’s in the mood but if she’s not in a talking mood she keeps perfectly silent. Its so funny!

Andy and I still go to bed everyday talking about how fun and wonderful she is. A typical end-of-the-day conversation goes like this:

Andy: She’s really just the sweetest thing. Me: I know. The stinker. Andy: I know but she’s just so sweet and yet can get into so much trouble. Me: I know she really is a stinker. Andy: She’s so funny. Me: I know and she’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t even stand how cute she is! Andy: I know. She really is just so cute.

Seriously. We go through that HA!

Here are some stats:

She weighs about 21 lbs.

She eats like crazy and there really isn’t anything she just doesn’t like. She will eat anything once. I love this about her!

She wears a size 4 shoe, 12 month clothes and we are trying some 18 month stuff. A couple of 18 month things fit fine but most of the pants are just huge and fall off of her.

She says- Daddy, Mommy, dog, Jackson, Jerse (leaves off the y, ha!), ball, book, cow, duck, out, no, yes, hey, yeah, baby, puppy, bird, Mimi, Papa (or Poppy! ha), Tasha, Jacks, and there are more things I’m sure that I can’t think of. Her vocabulary has really taken off!

She can say the sounds to- duck, dog, cow, chicken, rooster. (For the rooster she says- doo di doooooo for cockadoodledoo… its really cute!)

Side note: She CAN say all of these things but only when she wants to. She goes hours without uttering a word and then will go an hour without shutting up. Its so funny!


So I got two gifts this week that I just had to share!

First is a gift for Ryder from a friend and a church member of my parents’ church, Amanda. Its the first thing I’ve gotten with her name on it and I just love seeing it- makes it official or something! ha!

The second thing a friend of ours from Alexandria, Kayla, sent to me. She made these two matching dresses for Rory and Ryder. I just almost cried when I saw them- they are so cute! And matching flower bows! I can’t wait to put them on the girls!


We have a ladies retreat at church this weekend that I’m attending/working. I’m on the Ladies Ministry and just love it and am so excited about this weekend! MOPS is also on Friday so I’m super busy trying to get everything together for both. I’m so glad I now get some time to myself or else I’d be going crazy! (In fact, I’m off to nap now before picking Rory up from school- ha!)

Have a great day!



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2 thoughts on “14 months!

  1. I’m honored to have made the blog :). I think Gillian can out-run me now (seriously), and I was so anxious for her to walk, haha.

  2. Where did the time go? She’s so grown up and yes such a sweetheart! Getting ready to see her. And you. And Andy.

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