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For so long I was naive and believed that my precious, tiny, happy, smiley Ryder would never grow out of me taking her monthly pictures.


Today she grew out of them.

And there was a lot of attitude involved.

I am mourning the loss of this time.


Ryder is TEN MONTHS OLD today!

Little squirt is still as sweet as ever and this has been a really fun month!

She’s more active and is getting around everywhere.

No, she isn’t crawling, she’s scooting! She scoots on her little butt everywhere. You’ll think she’s so slow and then you leave the room for a second and come back and she’ll be all the way across the room. She’s incredibly sneaky!

Ryder is into everything too and Andy and I call her our little tornado. Her absolute favorite thing to do is to dump everything out of baskets, drawers, cabinets, etc.

Ryder loves to dance these days too. Anytime music comes on she dances away. Its so cute! Rory was always (still is!) the same way when it came to music.

Ryder is so much like Rory in so many ways- her sneakiness, her ability to make everyone laugh, her love for animals, her dancing skills, and her devilish smile.

But they are SO different in a lot of ways too- Ryder is a wonderful sleeper (Rory is NOT), Ryder hates to be touched for the most part and Rory is a huge snuggler, Ryder is VERY meticulous when it comes to eating and at this age Rory just scooped what she wanted in her mouth and threw it down.

Not Ryder though- she picks up every.single.bite one by one and eats every bite without wasting any food from her table. Which is hilarious seeing as we cannot get her to eat a bottle ever and she refused to eat baby food or anything from a spoon.

Ryder has started pulling up some, just on her knees. Isn’t that face hilarious?! She was so proud!

Rory “helped” me get pictures of Ryder today which is probably the reason I got ONE good picture- ha!

Those girls are the best of friends these days. Ryder ADORES Rory and thinks every thing she does is hysterical. Rory has gotten very protective of Ryder too so its a lot of fun!

The above picture is Ryder waving “bye”. Half the time she just sticks her arm straight out like that and says “ba! ba!” without moving her arm. Its hilarious! Miss Anna and Miss Nora have been teaching her to wave though so she’s starting to do that more and more!

Here’s the stats for Ryder at 10 months:

– Weighs 15.8! (Just weighed her yesterday- 3rd percentile)

– “Eating” 5 oz bottles… except that she never takes a full one because she’s too busy. And she doesn’t want anyone holding the bottle for her now. She wants to do it herself! (And I am NOT complaining on that one!)

– Size 3 diaper.

– Size 3-6 month clothes. I’ve been trying to find some shoes for her but her foot is so tiny and skinny nothing at all fits.

– Eating all kinds of table foods! She’s a great eater when it comes to table food. Unfortunately it’s really no caloric value at this point so thats why she’s stalling on the gaining weight for now.

– Saying dada, dog (doh), bye bye (bah bah), no no no, and very rarely mama. (Little butt. ha!) Also waving bye and giving high fives!

Just TWO MORE MONTHS until I’m ONE! Can you believe it?!

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