We have a saying around our house right now about 99.99999% of things.


Me: “I really want some floating shelves here….”

Andy: “Eventually.”

Me: “I want the entire downstairs to be painted grey.”

Andy: “Eventually.”

Me: “I want a Land Rover/Kate Spade purse/trip to Europe.”

Andy: “Eventually.”


No but seriously. Eventually is like the key word around these parts.

We are too sore and tired to think of doing anything crazy right now. We have 200 boxes in our garage waiting to be unpacked.


I’ve gotten around to sprucing up some rooms the best I can for now, so I thought I’d show you what the house looked like before and what we have done so far.

And eventually I will show you the entire house done.


But it won’t be too terribly long because we have family coming in two weeks so I’m sure this weekend will be filled with projects.

Enjoy our new home that is a beautiful mess and will eventually be a little less messy and have a little less beige.

Things to note- I’m having computer troubles with my computer and have no editing software so these are unedited and not great pics. You’ll have to excuse that. When I post pictures later I promise to have them edited better. Secondly, I forgot to take after pics of some rooms so that’ll be done eventually too. I’m too sore to walk up and down the stairs an extra time.

Front Living room- Before & After:IMG_0424 IMG_0427 IMG_0455 IMG_0457

Kitchen/Dining Before (aka mid move):

IMG_0439 IMG_0440

The kitchen is the only room in the house I plan to completely redo. It is my fixer upper compromise.


Powder Room – Before & After:

IMG_0428 IMG_0444 IMG_0442 It is a version of Tiffany blue. Because I love a cliche.

Bedrooms Before- none of these rooms are completely done but are very close so afters will be soon:

Rory’s room-

IMG_0403 IMG_0405

This was on the wall in Rory’s room and I immediately took it down because I felt it was tempting fate a leeeeeeeettle too much. Am I right?!IMG_0400

Guest room/office:


Ryder’s room- it is a burnt orange and she loves it much to my dismay. Eventually it will be a melon orange.IMG_0407The reason we knew this was our house was because of this next room.

You come down the hallway….IMG_0429Turn to the left and go up the stairs….

IMG_0450And all of a sudden you’re in this unexpected enormous family room. When we looked at the house this took my breath away. I hadn’t seen the master or upstairs yet but knew it was our house at that moment. I even proved my love of cliches by tearing up. I just could see ourselves living in this room as a family. Playing games, watching movies. Pictures can’t do it justice, but I triedish.


IMG_0423 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0418Afterish- eventually there will be a sectional instead of mismatched couches:IMG_0446 IMG_0447 IMG_0448 IMG_0452

So that is it for now. I am sad because I know these pictures don’t touch what the house actually looks like. Soon I will have it all done and take great pictures.

But that’ll come eventually.

Follow me on Instagram – @tiffanymcharris – for more updates! I posted a picture of my in progress coffee bar yesterday and it isn’t done but I love it already.

Happy Monday!



I’m going down!

I feel as though the last two weeks have been a complete blur. 

And I currently cannot move I am so sore from ALL THE STAIRS.

Last week I ended up having to go to the doctor for a hangnail.

I know. I KNOW. So random. So gross. So embarrassing. So frustrating because I NEVER go to the doctor so it has to be bad.

Well, they had to cut it open. He says that first he’s going to spray it with a freeze thing and then cut it. 

Y’all. I could not have been prepared for the pain. 

The freeze part was probably the worst. And then when he cut I couldn’t handle life anymore.

So much so that when it happened I said, “oh crap! Everything is black! I think I’m passing out! I’m going down!” 

And out I went. OUT LIKE A LIGHT.

Unfortunately I passed out 2 more times that day from pain. No joke. Blood and all that doesn’t bother me. It was from sheer pain.

I told the doctor that I would rather be having a baby than doing that. Ha!

So the pain and misery of that lasted way longer than I wanted but I seem to have healed up fine.

Except my ego is still bruised from waking up to nurses and the doctor laughing hysterically over my proclamation of, “I’m going down!”

As you know, we closed on our house Monday. And we have been overwhelmed with the moving process all week. 

The only downside to our home is that the garage is in the basement. So you can imagine the stairs involved to get up to the girls’ room upstairs. My butt muscles are ragey right now. Not a sentence I thought I’d ever type. 

I also bought so much paint to paint all the rooms in the entire house. And I’ve painted Rory’s room and am thinking the beige/brown color is looking better and better in some of the other rooms. 

The poor children are so tired of going here and there and back and forth. Rory has informed me she doesn’t want to leave the house for “a hundred days”. I don’t either.

Of course, she said she would be willing to leave for Disney World. 

Today I woke up to the realization that we had not even begun to touch the ENTIRE STORAGE UNIT FULL OF BOXES AND FURNITURE. I literally almost wept. 

Instead, I got on groupon and hired movers. Then I called Andy and informed him of my actions. 

I feel like, in this case, asking for forgiveness will come easy when he realizes what I’m saving him from. Because if my glutes are ragey, Andy’s are sure hating him in the worst of ways. He has moved 3/4 of the apartment alone. All of this moving has been done after his long work days too. He is an incredible man. Tired, incredible man.

But sometimes he is also cheap and I am not. Therefore I will hire the movers and he will end up loving me more for saving him the time and trouble.

The end.

bless this house

Today we bought a house.


A beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath house with a gorgeous deck and back yard for the girls to play in.

Rory has a chandelier in her new room and a wall of mirrors to dance in front of. What could suite her better?! Ryder’s room has the perfect nook to create worlds in with her vivid imagination.

Andy and Ryder went to get the power and water turned on while Rory and I went to the new house to unload a few things.

But most importantly I needed some time to bless our house.

I know a lot of denominations have priests or pastors to come bless the house and I think that is wonderful.

For me, I just knew that it needed to be just me. My heart. My words. Just time for me to bless the house.

I walked through each room of the house and touched every wall.

“Lord. Bless this house.”

My words were soft and genuine. The more I walked and said those words, the harder the tears fell and the louder my cry was.

“Please, oh Lord. Bless this house.”

I got to the front door and put both hands on it as tears started flowing hard down my face.

“Lord, bless this house and everyone who walks through this door.”

I started thanking God for every opportunity we have had to lead us to this house: married young, college, first job and move to Louisiana, pregnant with my first baby and the big move to Texas, all those sleepless nights and two babies, Ryder’s surgery, Rory’s ear tubes and night terrors, our decision to move to TN, moving into our dream house in Savannah, two very hard years and being broken over things I could not change, Andy’s surprise phone call for a new  job, moving to East TN, nine beautiful months in a tiny apartment, and finally home in a gorgeous neighborhood and a beautiful house.

“Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us here. Thank you for every single hard thing we have endured along the way. Thank you for every single victory. Thank you for Andy’s job and his work ethic. Thank you for letting me be the ‘manager’ of this home. Thank you for this gift. Lord, let me lead well here. Let me create a joyful atmosphere for my family. Let the laughter and love run rampant in this home.”

I walked upstairs and saw Rory dancing in her room. Such joy on her face. The tears fell harder.

I went into Ryder’s room and touched every wall.

“Lord, bless this house.”

Then I literally fell to my knees. Put my face on the ground. Sobbing. Tears of joy and thankfulness.

“Lord, thank you. Thank you for Ryder. Thank you for saving her. Thank you for every single hard and terrible thing she has endured and that we have had to go through to get her where she is now. Thank you, Jesus, for Ryder. My joyful, precious baby. Lord, if there is anything evil and not of you in this room GET IT OUT. Anything that is not of you is not allowed in this room. Lord, help Ryder to feel safe in this room. Let her sleep well in this room. Please dear Jesus, let this be the room she grows in her desire for you. Lord, let this be the room we pray together in. Let this be the room she that she asks for her Salvation in You in. Let this be the room that she grows in her relationship with You. Let this be the room she finds her confidence in through You. Oh Jesus, bless this room. Bless this room.”

Rory is no longer in her room so I take the opportunity to go into her room. The tears fall even harder. I have fought for Ryder’s health, but I’ve fought harder for Rory in every single way. Again, I fall to my knees and choke back sobs.

“Jesus, oh Jesus. Bless this room. Thank you for my gorgeous, smart, precious Rory. Lord, thank you for her life. Thank you for every hard thing we have endured with her in her life. Thank you for every single time you made me fight for her. Thank you for her tenacious and strong-willed spirit. Thank you for her charm and witty nature. Oh, Jesus, bless this room. If there is anything in this room that is not of You, make it leave NOW. If there is anything that could cause harm to Rory, get it out. Help Rory to feel safe in this room. Help her to finally sleep well in this room. Please, oh Lord, let her sleep. Oh, Jesus, let this be the room she gives her heart to you in. Let this be the room we pray together in and that she asks you for Salvation. Lord, let this be the room that she flourishes in. Let this be the room she discovers and explores who she is in You. Let this be the room where her mischievous spirit is warped into wanting knowledge in good things. Lord bless this room. Oh, God, bless this room.”

I walk downstairs to go into the master bedroom to pray and find the most beautiful sight on earth.

There she is, my tender-hearted Rory, on her knees in the middle of the room. She has tears on her face. And then I hear it.

“Jesus, bless this room. Thank you for this room for mom and dad. Help them to be happy in this room. Help them to sleep in this room. Help them to feel safe in this room. Thank you for the two closets and the bathroom just for them. Thank you for the tub mommy can relax in. Lord, bless daddy and mommy’s room.”

I’m not sure if I have ever cried such tears in my life. Tears of joy, thankfulness, and pure love.

Rory watched me bless the house and she blessed me the most by going to my room and blessing it for me.

Then she asked me if we could go bless the bedroom Papa, Mimi, Gigi and Grandpa would stay in.

“Lord, let this room have my Papa, Mimi, Grandpa and Gigi in it all the time. Let them come to my house and love coming here. Let them sleep good in this room. Let me have slumber parties with them. Let this be happy. Let us always have friends and family in it. Thank for for this room. Bless this room, Jesus. Amen.”

I could not have asked for a more perfect day blessing my house with my precious Rory.

“Oh, Jesus, bless our house.”


the best parts of motherhood

This past week I’ve been contemplating my mother’s day post and how I would approach it this year. Mother’s Day is so tricky. We definitely want to celebrate moms loud and proud, but the pain of infertility is at its height on this day too, so you always want to be sensitive to those suffering.

Here is what I know. Motherhood is the most beautiful, amazing, and hard thing I have ever done. As each year passes I appreciate it even more. I realize what a gift it is and how precious life is.

So today, I will tell you my very favorite things about being a mom.

First picture with Rory


First picture with Ryderfirstryderpic

The snuggles. OH. THE SNUGGLES. I remember having Rory and it being just me and her all day every day of the week and I’m pretty sure all we did was snuggle. I remember just staring at her for hours and thinking IT COULD NOT POSSIBLY GET BETTER THAN THIS. And I was so right. There is something so magical about that time with your first baby in the first weeks and months. There is nothing like it. And now I’m five years in to the snuggling and still enjoy the more rare opportunities to get on the couch and all snuggle up.

The firsts. Every.single.first. gets you so excited. First time you hold them, first feeding, first poop (no joke… you have a baby you’ll be excited about a poop), first smile, first family outing, first giggle, first words, first time they eat baby food and solids, first crawl, first words, first steps, first boo boo, first birthday….. AND I DIDN’T EVEN COVER EVERYTHING. Every single time they do something for the first time is the most exciting thing of life! I felt that way with BOTH my girls. I enjoyed every single first so very much. The best part is that even though they aren’t as frequent as they are the first year, you always have firsts. Rory’s first day of Kindergarten is coming up soon! My niece, Jacy, will be 16 next month and my sister will experience the first time she drives off by herself. *sob* Firsts never end and I love that.

The humor. I thought I lived a humorous and fun life before kids. OH HOW I WAS WRONG. There is so much humor in motherhood. And let me just say- if you can’t find the humor in motherhood, you need to seek medical attention. Every single day, multiple times a day, I laugh until I cry (or pee my pants because let’s be real… I am a mother of two). From things my kids say, to getting crapped on at the doctor’s office, to potty training woes…. there is just never a day that is dull. Even when Ryder was so sick, there was still so much humor. Laughter has saved me from drowning in diapers and sicknesses and all the crazy that comes with having two little girls 15 months apart. The most important advice I have for moms is to keep the humor. Because you can either cry or laugh, and y’all know I’d rather be laughing at the crazy that comes with having kids.

The unconditional love. Some days with my girls are hard and ugly. But even when they deliberately disobey and do things that disappoint me- I love them just the same. It is so true that once you are a mom, you loved your kids no matter what. Mothers see beauty in their children and in their hearts even when they do the very worst things.

But you want to know what is more beautiful than loving your children unconditionally? Being loved unconditionally by your children. 

Every single day I struggle with loving myself. It is something I have always struggled with. There are times that I just hate, HATE, hate the way I look. There are times that I don’t like my attitude. There are times I hate how I gave up on some dreams and ended up “just a stay at home mom”. There are times I want to run away.

But every single day, my precious girls remind me of just how important I am to them. They love me even when I don’t love myself. They look at me in my nightgown with their snot rubbed on it and tell me how beautiful I am. And when I dress up? “MOMMY!!!!! YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOM EVER! LOOK AT YOU! YOU ARE SO FANCY!” Who could feel ugly after all that?! They see me lose my temper. They see me frustrated. They forgive me and love me anyway. They want to be with me. They want to make me proud. They love me even though they see all my flaws.  They see me for who I am and that is so dang scary- and they love me with their entire hearts anyway.

I always expected to love my children unconditionally, but man, I never expected the beauty of being loved unconditionally by them. This is, hands down, the best part of motherhood.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms in my life. Each of you have encouraged me and helped me to be a better mom. I love you all so very much.

And to my mother- I love you more than I could ever express. Thank you for teaching me the importance of laughter and grace in motherhood. You are the best example of both of those things. I’m so blessed to have you as my mother.

mombw mombw2

softball, twerking. same thing.

This week has partially flown by and drug on.

I’m not sure if it is a full moon or PMS settling in early on the girls or what but MERCY. Attitudes and fighting have been in full force this week and IT IS MAKING ME A LITTLE INSANE.

Or maybe the walls are closing in on us.

Yesterday I set Rory up to color and set Ryder up to play barbies and it was the most blissful hour we have had in a long while. Sometimes it seems we are just a little too close all.the.time.



Makes me giggle every time.

Now, I know all of you are DYING to know more about me playing softball. Heh.

We have played really well this week- our spirits are way up after the first game playing the team who wouldn’t even attempt to swing a bat.

Last night we even *gasp* WON A GAME.

I’m gonna be honest, I was a little worried when we showed up last night as to how the games would go. Several people attempted to pitch and …. let us just say I almost peed my pants from laughing while watching the “practice”.

My friend, Amber- y’all know Amber…. she’s the only friend I talk about on here because until recently she’s been my ONLY friend, ha!- decided to attempt it and we were all like YESSSSSS because she was good! She had never pitched before last night and she was so good. I’m totally impressed. She’s not only crafty as heck, homeschools, and runs a travel agency… she can also pitch. SHE IS THE DEFINITION OF A PROVERBS 31 WOMAN.

(Amber is now rolling her eyes.)

Well, I was asked to catch which I thought, yeah I can do that- NBD. Like whatev! Of course I can. Pshhhhhh.


Catching with no protective gear is no joke. I have three large leg bruises to prove it.

But more so than that….. THE SQUATTING. I basically did squats non stop for an hour. Needless to say, I AM HURTING TODAY.

The second problem with catching is this…

I’ve got people I barely know and then people I do know like Amber’s dad and husband sitting behind home plate. Here are the thoughts running through my head.

1- I will channel Sir Mix-A-Lot when I say:

Oh, my, gosh. Becky, look at her butt.
It is so big. [scoff]
She looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.
But, you know, who understands those rap guys? [scoff]…

I mean, her butt, is just so big.
I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like, out there, I mean— gross. 

(Yes I realize I left out some of it…. 99% of you will know it by heart and not have to read anyway.)

2- Twerking.

You see the problem with having a big butt is no matter what you do, when you bend… it looks like you’re trying to twerk.

Stop laughing. I’m being serious here.

And the biggest problem with catching is that THE UMP IS ALL UP ON YOU LIKE WE ARE IN THE CLUB OR SOMETHING.

No kidding. Every time I bent over or got up to catch a ball I felt as though I was twerking on him.


I mean. Softball. Twerking. SAME THING BASICALLY.

So not only is catching physically hard- IT IS PSYCHOLOGICALLY EXHAUSTING.

It is pretty scary where my mind goes, isn’t it?

Aren’t you glad you aren’t me?

The girls are out of school today and I’ve had to stop writing this blog 2300 times because FOR THE LOVE THEY WON’T STOP FIGHTING.

I’m thinking of locking them in their room and letting them have at it while I sip some coffee.

Good parenting, right?

People say boys are rough…. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Girls not only fight like boys but there is also emotional and psychological warfare too.




I’m gonna need a xanax with this coffee if they don’t calm it down.

I have a fun interview today so send prayers that I can get a conversation in without being interrupted. We all know that a mother on the phone is like a moth to a flame. I’ll let you know how it goes and more details soon hopefully!

We have lots of really fun things going on this weekend and I can’t wait to spend some time out in the sun! Hopefully Rory will decide to play soccer instead of do a dramatic reenactment this weekend because she has some special people coming to surprise her at her game tomorrow!

Happy Weekend!

You are sports people, I is not.

Our lives have been taken over by all-of-the-sports this past week.

Rory has had soccer, and by the way, SHE IS ROCKING IT. Though, on defense she has more of a flare for the dramatics than a flare for actually getting the ball. But man. On offensive that girl is fierce.

Sunday afternoon Andy went and played golf with some guys from the Sunday School class. That left me to go to soccer games alone with the girls. I survived, barely, in case you were wondering.


Ryder felt the need to run out onto the field and turn around and look at me like, “what? am I doing something wrong here?” before freaking out thinking someone would bring a ball near her and running back to the sideline. She also ate approximately 17 snacks- including bumming one from someone sitting next to us while I was yelling at Rory to stop twirling and GET THE DANG BALL FROM THE OTHER PLAYER BEFORE THEY SCORE.

Not that I am one of THOSE intense soccer moms or anything………..

I call it passion. I’m not intense. I’m passionate.

Yours truly has also gotten back into “the sports” and has joined a softball team.

Last week we played a team that under no circumstance at all would ever swing the bat. When you are playing church league and start off with one ball and one strike already- the odds are in your favor to get walked. So they feed off of that. They literally never swung. It was pretty miserable and, in my opinion, absolutely crappy sportsmanship.

I am extremely competitive and “passionate” but I’m there to play and HAVE FUN. So last night we had another game and we had A STINKING BLAST. We didn’t win. But we PLAYED. Both teams played hard and had so much fun. I’m excited about the season now!

This morning Ryder asked me about the game (it was at 8:30pm so they stayed home) and I told her how it went.

Then she said to me, “You are sports people, I is not.” And I laughed until I almost wet myself because BLESS IT she is so right. She is surrounded by people who enjoy all things sports to the highest level. At least she knows herself and has no qualms about not being “sports people”.

In other news, Rory was sent home with a sheet that told how high she could count unassisted. The answer was 49. She saw me look at it and she said, “Mom, don’t even look at that. That number is unacceptable. I can count over 100 and we know it. I just gotta practice some more.”

And practice she has done. She has counted to 100 all day, every day. In fact, last night she came into my room at 2:53am and whispered, “Mom! Hey mom! I just counted to 129! I can count even higher than 100!” Bless.

I will say this a million times over her life, I am sure of it- Rory is MOTIVATED. I’m telling y’all. I’ve never met anyone as motivated as her and her daddy. She completely 1000000% gets that from Andy. She decided that 49 was unacceptable and immediately started practicing until she beat her own goal. It is just little things like this that make me so proud of her.

Last night at dinner I told Rory to get her hair out of her face so she didn’t get food in it. As you can imagine, this was followed by the most dramatic hair flip OF LIFE. Andy and I got tickled over it.

Then she did it a few more times, because there is nothing more important than getting the perfect hair flip. I’m telling you- she is motivated.

She then says to us, “when I have a boyfriend, I’m going to flip my hair like this and he’s gonna be like WOW. YOU LOOK GOOD.” I nearly spit my food out. Andy and I were in tears from laughing. She has got it all figured out, hasn’t she?

The boxing up of all the things has begun and I have felt this cleaning bug in a huge way. So I’ve been cleaning out filing cabinets, closets, makeup drawers, and pretty much anything I deem NOT ORGANIZED. I’m a woman on a mission. I refuse to move CRAP. Especially because we will be moving ourselves this time. *sob wail sob*

TWENTY MORE DAYS! I’m not going to know what to do with all my time when I have 3 toilets to choose from instead of waiting on a chance to use it. I mean I might even *GASP* get to lock myself in and go alone.


Happy Tuesday!


careful to label

I posted on Facebook earlier about a situation going on at the girls’ school.

Ryder is in a bit of a situation where she is being “bullied”. I’m so careful to even say that word because I think we live in a society that is quick to cry “bully” and not quick to teach their children appropriate behavior or how to stand up for themselves.

Ryder has had a few accidents of peeing in her pants at school. She told us she just didn’t know why she did it. She said she forgot and did it in her pants. There were several off the wall explanations. After the third time I thought maybe she even had a UTI or something but she wasn’t doing this at home. What breaks my heart the most about this is that I disciplined her for it, thinking she just wasn’t going when she needed to (on her designated potty breaks) and possibly playing in the bathroom instead.

Turns out, she got very scared in the bathroom last week because the lights were turned out on her.

Ryder FOR SURE has mild anxiety- and sometimes it goes to extreme anxiety. I don’t deal with anxiety myself 99% of the time, so this has been a new deal for me.

Today she came home very upset because apparently her pants had been pulled down in front of everyone. I’ve had this happen to me before and know how mortifying it is.

I am beyond mad. Furious. Ryder is about 1/5th the size of this child who has picked on her. So it makes me even madder and more protective. I want this solved like YESTERDAY. I can’t even begin to express how my heart is burdened for my child who already deals with anxiety.

But then….

I have a child who at one point (in Savannah) was labeled the “bad child”. When I say Rory struggled her 3rd year of life in school, I MEAN SHE STRUGGLED. She had a teacher who wanted her to be in a box of perfection like the other kids. She made it KNOWN that Rory was bad. Rory would come home and say, “I want to be a good girl but I’m just bad.”

One of my biggest regrets in life, not exaggerating, is that I didn’t pull Rory out. I went to the church that the school was at and went to the principal and director several times about the issue. It was never addressed. WHY DIDN’T I PULL HER OUT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am my child’s voice! I completely failed her on that. She struggled until we moved and still for a few months after to build her confidence in herself back up. I am so thankful for her teacher that celebrates Rory for exactly who she is.

Man. That is such an understatement. I am literally sobbing thinking of my stupidity of not pulling her out and how much I failed her as her parent and her advocate. I’m sobbing because I am so beyond thankful that God sent us here… for Rory. Y’all, I’m not even kidding…. I’m about to burn some bridges saying this – but when we lived in Savannah, I was so scared that Rory would be so stifled in that town that she WOULD be a “bad kid”. I knew she was bigger than that town and that she needed more for her life. I prayed every day that God would intervene because of that.

So this is where I play devil’s advocate a TINY BIT.

I do not want this child to be labeled. I do not think it is the same at all because Rory has never had issues with hurting others constantly or “bullying”.

But maybe she doesn’t have an advocate standing in for her? Maybe her home life isn’t great? Maybe she has something going on psychologically?

What if she isn’t meeting her potential that God has for her because there is no one pushing her to be the best kid she can be?

What if this is a cry for help?

I do not think this kid is a “bad kid”. I think she doesn’t even know where to begin on making the right choices. I think  maybe she gets away with things that my children never would because she doesn’t have a mom and dad that say, “SWEETHEART I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO LET YOU BEHAVE THIS WAY.”

Where do we draw the line on labeling? The child is YOUNG. No more than 4. So she obviously hasn’t been “trained up” to behave the way we expect 4 year olds to behave, OR, she obviously is having some issues that are coming out through poor behavior.

I don’t want Rory to be labeled as a bad kid because she is strong willed and too smart for her own good.

I don’t want Ryder to be labeled as difficult because of her anxiety.

I don’t want this child to be labeled because of her actions either.

This is not to say that I won’t be standing up for Ryder. I WILL NOT LET MY CHILD BE TERRORIZED.

I will never, EVER EVER EVER, make the same mistake I made with Rory again. Ever. I will ALWAYS advocate and fight for my child. If that means maybe Ryder needs to go to another school next year, then so be it. I will be sad, yes, but will not put her through this another year. I hope that it doesn’t come to that because I love the school, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes.

I’m going to be praying for the other little girl. Praying for her heart and for her parents’ heart to be changed. I’m going to be praying that she gets the help she needs.

And I’m going to be praying for my precious Ryder, that she recovers from this and that her anxiety won’t be taking over anymore because of this situation.

I appreciate all of your feedback and encouragement. Thank you for always loving my children. FullSizeRender

Ipsy Unbagging | April 2015

I haven’t done this in a couple of months because I just haven’t felt like it. Also I’ve been having computer issues.


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finally a soccer mom

The dream has happened. It is finally soccer season which means…

I am finally a soccer mom.

*Insert spirit fingers.*

This is not something I anticipated being so excited about. I played soccer until 9th grade (would have played longer but our high school didn’t have a soccer team…… #smallschoolproblems), but softball was my thing. I don’t even think I was better at softball over soccer at all. I just think I went into HS knowing that I wanted to play and make a difference on a very, very young and new team. I don’t know if I did that or not but I sure did try.

Side note: I also think I was determined to play softball and hopefully be decent at it because my middle school coach told me that I “just wasn’t a star” and “probably should pick another sport”. Nothing gets a McIntire fired up like telling them you can’t do it.

Okay back on track. Whew. That was a tangent wasn’t it?!

When we signed Rory up for soccer I realized HOW MUCH I WANTED HER TO PLAY. She played Tball last year and I knew then that it probably wasn’t her sport. She got bored and there wasn’t enough constant hustle for her. (If she wants to play later when she has more patience we sure will go that route.) Before her first practice I just thought that soccer would be right up her alley.

And I was so right.

Rory is a hustler. When I tell you she is fast I mean SHE IS LIKE A LIGHTENING BOLT.

Saturday was Rory’s first game and she did amazing. She scored 5 goals and had great control of the ball. She was so cute with her ponytail and uniform. She would look over at us and give a big thumbs up.

IMG_5233 IMG_5289 IMG_5267 IMG_5269 FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRenderSunday’s game was a bit different. We had some attitude problems and just didn’t have our head in the game. I’m suspecting it was because she was up THE ENTIRE NIGHT on Saturday. But what do I know about life?

Ryder is not what we would call an “outdoor person”. (Understatement of the century.) So keeping her happy during the games is a bit tricky. She has been packing her purse with snacks to bring and a drink. But I’m thinking I’m going to need to bring an umbrella and a personal fan for her too because OH MY WORD I CANNOT HANDLE THE COMPLAINING.

IMG_5488 IMG_5403

(In fact, complaining was at an all time high on Sunday from both girls that I said ENOUGH ALREADY and took away the TV until further notice.)

One thing you can be sure of though, my girls are die hard fans of each other. Rory is always encouraging Ryder to try new things and to push herself. I am always so proud of Rory and her encouraging spirit, especially towards her sister.

And this weekend the tables turned and Ryder got her chance at encouraging Rory and SHE BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER. Ryder cheered for Rory so hard I thought she was going to pass out. She jumped and cheered and yelled, “GO WHOA-WY!!!!!!!!!!!!” over and over again.

I do believe the pride I have in my children was at an all-time high on Saturday. Between Rory doing so awesome and Ryder cheering her on- I JUST BEAMED LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. There was nothing you could do to wipe that silly grin of pride off my face.

Somehow I managed to get the best part on camera. I mean I couldn’t have planned this even if I tried.

I’m so excited to see how the season turns out. Rory was back on her game last night at practice, so I’m hoping Sunday was a no-sleep fluke.

And maybe one day I will turn the TV back on for the children.



friday links & loves

I wish I had some fun things to tell you today, but quite frankly, this week has been a blur and a bit blah.

I don’t know if I mentioned it on the blog, but Jersey (the dog) somehow messed her back all up. Bulging discs, fractures, etc. She spent most of last week at the vet on meds and just resting. Since being home she’s been on two medicines. One being prednisone. Do you remember me talking about how Ryder was ‘roided out a few months ago? Well imagine a tiny little dog that way.

It has not been fun, okay?

On Tuesday night a perfect storm ensued inside of my home and it was one of those nights where TIFFANY BROKE DOWN. Jersey woke up SEVERAL times needing to pee or drink water thanks to the medicine (this is something she never does) and therefore the girls woke up because I was up with the dog.

Want to know what is worse than waking up with kids all the time? Waking up with a dog that wakes up the kids.

Guess who was totally unaffected by the chaos all night long………. #ilovemyhusband

On Wednesday morning I “woke up” (if you count 30 minutes of total sleep waking up) and Andy knew right away that mama was TIRED and ON THE EDGE. I didn’t even say a word. I just clearly looked rough. That is when the heavens opened and Andy said to the girls, “get your shoes on, I’m taking you to school today.” Then he told me to climb back in bed. AND THAT RIGHT THERE IS THE ABSOLUTE EPITOME OF ROMANCE. That is not a joke. I felt so completely loved right there in that moment of, “go climb back in bed”. So I did and I slept for 2 hours and felt so much better.

I would have slept longer but you all know that the lady upstairs would never allow for that.

My friend Emily sent me a link to a YouTube video this week and I have laughed nonstop over it. If you want to know what I’m dealing with (minus the diarrhea I have to hear constantly above me) you need to watch this video.

Which leads me to telling y’all that we have a little over 5 weeks left until we close on our house. HALLELUJAH.

I would like to apologize for anyone who follows me on Pinterest because clearly I’m pinning ideas for the new house LIKE A MAD WOMAN. I will follow through with approximately two and a half of these ideas, but it is the thought that counts.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for the new house and the ones I want to implement in some way:

1- Giant Floor Pillows : We have a big family room in the new house and I really want to make a few of these floor pillows for the girls. I think they would be perfect for the space and I plan on getting some fun fabric to bring lots of color into the room.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.01.04 AM2- My dad would never admit this, but he is very creative and makes beautiful furniture. He has committed to making my sisters and I a piece of furniture for our homes and I decided to have him make me a kitchen island. He’s making my sisters tables but I already have one and desperately need an island in the new kitchen (that I plan to completely rip out …. eventually). So I’ve been pinning island ideas for him. (source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.09.23 AM3- The Coffee Bar. I am absolutely sure that I will be implementing a coffee/tea bar into our new house. We have very limited counter space right now in the kitchen and the keurig takes up so much room. So I plan to have a small coffee bar. And I can’t stinking wait. (source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.13.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.17.26 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.18.13 AM

4- The girls’ rooms. I have pinned too many things to count to inspire me for the girls’ rooms. They will be separated again because Ryder loves to sleep and Rory doesn’t. ha! I think Rory’s room should be fun and have elements of adventure and physical things she can do (i.e.: rockwall) and Ryder’s should have things that will encourage and inspire her imagination to run wild. I cannot wait to makeover their rooms.

A girl version of this amazing room. Can you even imagine Rory’s delight in that rockfall and the reading area under the bed?!

528a7f62697ab02204006670._w.540_s.fit_And when I saw this picture I immediately thought that Ryder would LOVE THIS ROOM.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.27.13 AM5- And on a totally random note, I have seen this shirt blow up all over pinterest. I saw it several months ago and a friend of mine actually sent it to me saying, “This is so you.” I couldn’t decide if I loved that my friends far and wide know this about me or if I should be ashamed. I’m a little of both. But I’m pretty sure it needs to be a shirt that I own… if only just for a disclaimer. (source)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 9.38.55 AM

So there you have it. A random Friday post of things I’m loving as I perfect my hobby of pinning things on pinterest that I may or may not follow through with. Only time and the urge to binge watch Gossip Girl/Friends/One Tree Hill on Netflix will tell.

Rory’s first soccer game is tomorrow. We are all so stinkin’ excited! Have a great weekend!